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Need financing for your public utility projects?

The public combo is for you

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The Public Combo in detail

The Public Combo (Public Combined Bond) is a bond with a double positive effect. The capital finances eligible green or social projects. The variable interest rate is linked to an environmental or social index. It is designed to encourage investors to adopt sustainable behaviour.

An example ?

A city wants to raise €25 million to finance a major waste management line. The city borrows the necessary amount from its citizens. The basic interest rate is set very low. But it increases by 0.5% per year if citizens reduce the production of their waste. The index is based on official, independent and verified data.


  • Behavioural incentive
    Citizens who have invested can themselves participate in the behaviour that raises the interest rate. The more they reduce their waste, the more likely they are to increase the interest they will receive.
  • Positive budget effect
    The city can finance the interest rate by the savings on waste collection.
  • Civic engagement
    The Public Combo allows a large number of citizens to take action. They can generally participate in financing starting from 100?.
  • Ease of implementation
    We help you set the parameters of the Public Combo (rate, ratchets, duration, tracking, etc). We provide the index. Our fin tech engine takes care of all the implementation: creation, identification of investor profiles, distribution, interest calculations, amortization tables and follow-up.
  • Security
    We have entered into partnerships covering the Public Combo's regulated activities with FSMA-approved players. The collection is carried out for the issuer, which receives its cash in one go.